Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Horns and Knitting

Here are 4 of the figures I'm doing for Carolina Crown.
And I've started knitting again! Oh jeez! I go through phases where I knit a lot and others where I don't knit at all. I made a fingerless glove in one night. I haven't started to make the second one, and I hope I get around to it, otherwise this guy will be an orphan. But I've been wearing him on my hand when I draw to keep it all cozy and warm, so maybe it's okay he's alone.


  1. You art is wonderful. :)
    Thank you for your work!

  2. Lovely, I'd love to have knitted decor in my just renovated apartment. I started from the urge to renovate the kitchen (which was all done by the kitchens in aberdeenshire service) and then just worked my way up to the rest of the house. It looks better than ever :)