Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Piccadilly- Color

Here's the finished piece. I plan on doing a whole series of this little girl and her dragon all over different locations in London. Here they are catching a ride on the Tube.

Prints available here!

And it's supposed to be a promotional card, so here's a version with stuff:

Also, two of the Tube passengers look sort of like Ten and Rose... wonder what that's about... ;)



  1. I like it! I think my first thought was that green does work- so I think you solved that.

    Looking closer the only thing that sorta bothers me is maybe the spacing of the passengers? They look really close and huddled together I kind of want to see more less detailed faces/silhouettes behind the ones you've finished, maybe just suggestions of more people?

    Also you're coloring and line work is so clean- so bright and children-booky- i wonder if maybe you don't need the garbage on the ground in the foreground- I could be wrong, maybe take it out in photoshop just to see if it helps. I wonder if it is distracting at all, because the dragon is so bright and the train and the 'mind the gap' line look so clean and bright..... It almost seems like the garbage is fighting with the rest of the piece, but then again it might look like you need something in the foreground if you get rid of it. (maybe a good opportunity to throw in some silhouettes in the foreground??? lol.

    I really like the idea, and the textures you're using are great. Did you use color pencil again?? Also the diversity of the people inside the train is awesome. I love how different everyone looks- lots of character! :)

  2. also another note- if you do get rid of the garbage you'd have more room for the promotional piece to put the words there- as to not cover up all the great detail in the faces

    1. I really like the idea of adding silhouettes to make the train look more full, definitely doing that. Yeah, one of the things that was bothering me from the beginning was the foreground. I added the garbage last, because it looked too blank for me. In Photoshop I had a layer that was silhouettes in the foreground kind of framing it, but it just looked too crowded and I didn't like it, so I decided to stick with the garbage. I dunno, I guess it's hopeless. Though once I added text I actually felt like it worked better! Haha, which is convenient because it's a card :P

  3. SOOOO much better!! it fills it all out! Love how you handled the silhouettes. Awesome! :)

  4. Excellent!! and amazing..what i think about carbage in foreground is,people who are waiting for train are scared and ran away...is that right..!!?