Monday, April 2, 2012

Aggie's Nine Heroes- Pencil

So I was contacted by YA author Diana Laurence about doing illustrations of the characters of her book "Aggie's Nine Heroes". You can check out her website here. The characters were super fun to draw... Now on to color!



  1. I just have to comment that it was a dream come true for me to find someone who could capture Aggie and her nine heroes so perfectly! I'm so grateful to Anna--she's amazing. Can't wait to see the images in color!

  2. I am obsessed with your blog. I Love love love it.Have recommended it to all my friends and check it regularly.Have some requests though..Please do the cast of THE LYING GAME or atleast THAYER from THE LYING GAME and JEREMY from JANE BY DESIGN.

    Thankyou and let me know.
    Also i will send you pictures or screenshots of them if you can email me

    1. Thank you!! I'm so happy you like my blog!

      If you're interested in commissioning work, you can email me at and I can send you a list of my commission prices.