Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I miss Wimbledon... I drew some tennis players. (Luckily there will be more tennis soon with the Olympics then US Open. Yay!)

Nadal, Djokovic, Murray, and Federer.

I will color this soon.



  1. Hello, Anna!!!

    You're a very talented artist. And only 22... What have I done with my life?? Jajaja...

    I'm a tennis lover and your drawings of the fantastic four are wonderful. When does the color version of Rafa and Nole arrives?? I can´t wait...

    I´m thinking in doing a vinile version for the car. Your drawings rock, girl!!

    Excuse my english. Greetings from Spain!!


    P.S. If you like Breaking Bad, give The wire a chance. You gonna love it!!

    1. Thanks! Happy you like my art :)

    2. Ummm...

      Does this answer means that the color version of Rafa and Nole will not arrive?? Please, don't make me beg!!!

      You promise that you will color this soon... ( Ok. I have to beg...). I beg you!!! Pleaseeeeeee!!! ( Crazy people like me is the price that you have to pay for being such an amazing artist, girl)

      Thank you!

      P.S. I offer 2 kg. of jamón serrano, royalties and if my daughters in the future become nº1 of the WTA you'll do the poster of the contract with Nike. ( Dreaming is for free...)

    3. Hahaha, well it's possible I will color Rafa and Nole sometime, but it probably wont be for a while... I'm pretty busy right now with other art. But hopefully someday!