Saturday, October 13, 2012

10/13 Stuff

So you may remember a while back I posted a drawing I did of a girl riding a reindeer. I'd like to finish the piece, especially once it gets closer to winter, and this is a rough color comp I did for that.

Random Captain America.

And this is a puppy I drew as part of a sketch for another series I'm starting with YA Lit Magazine. I thought it was cute. It ended up looking sorta like my friend Morgan's dog, who she draws all the time... haha

Oh and I almost forgot, earlier this summer I entered a contest on the site WeLoveFine. The contest was to design a t-shirt with any Marvel villain on it. I figured why not, and on a whim did a quick illustration of Lady Loki (which I never posted on here, it was that 'on a whim'). The image ended up being selected as a Staff Pick in the contest-- you can check it out on their site here. If it sells well, there's a possibility that WeLoveFine could come back to me for more work, so... yeah. That'd be cool!


  1. Love the Kiba-look alike!!! :) So cute. Thats awesome about the shirt!! I am sure it will sell well, its awesome and graphic!! Very cool. You should show Roger! Haha

  2. Love your Captain America! And big congrats about the tee design...WeLoveFine is an awesome company.