Sunday, March 17, 2013

Stuff 3.17.13

The past few months I've been babysitting my cousins. They've got such cartoonish personalities, so...

I always forget to post these! The next 2 pieces for Young Adult Magazine.

"The Girl in the Hat" series

"At the Dinner Table" series

The Green Lantern animated series I've been enjoying on my Saturday mornings had its final episode this past weekend. It's funny... I never thought I would enjoy the show so much. What's especially unfortunate is that Cartoon Network dropped the show not for lack of ratings, but because Green Lantern toy sales were not good. Why? Because the movie was awful. So basically, it's Ryan Reynolds' fault. Or whoever wrote that horrible script. It's a bummer. My favorite character from the show was created specifically for the series and doesn't exist in any Green Lantern comics, so... I guess we may never know what happens to him. But we do know that all will be well, and that's something.

EDIT: I just drew this and didn't want to make a new post for it. The Youtube series The Brain Scoop asked for fanart of their creepy raccoon, in the hopes of picking a design for a t-shirt. I whipped this up in half an hour because why not?


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  1. Hahahahaha that raccoon is terrific!

    I love the magazine stuff as usual, great compositions. Your cousins do seem like characters! I love the one with the piano- super cute. :)