Monday, January 6, 2014


Haven't updated in a week! Here's a doodle. Even when it's fan art, I end up drawing kids and animals. Damian Wayne and his dog Titus.

And below is the most recent piece I did for Young Adult Magazine. This time they wanted a bunch of characters from ABC Family shows. It was challenging because these kind of shows tend to have actors who are stereotypically attractive, and thus have very similar (and nearly flawless) features. With caricatures, the trick is finding the unique thing about a person's face and exaggerating it. When a face doesn't have anything about it that's particularly distinguishing, drawing a caricature becomes difficult. In the end I think I did okay, and it was a good challenge.

This client is very specific about which characters to use and what they are doing/how they are interacting. That's totally fine with me, particularly for pieces like this where I don't watch the shows and have no idea what the characters are like.


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  1. Do you know what are the characters names? I think I could only recgonize two of them (I don''t actually watch so much tv shows so..)