Sunday, April 7, 2019

Meow the Infinite

So at this point my blog is more or less retired, but this is just too exciting not to post! My new comic is here! 

Meow the Infinite is the epic story of a young girl whose universe is threatened by a destructive force beyond her comprehension, and the fearless starfaring feline with whom she must confront it. 

You can read it for free on our website, New issues are released every couple months. If you want to support the comic, you can click here to purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition. For a one time purchase of $15, you can download a high-res version of the newest issue months before it's posted online, as well as other cool goodies, like a digital "Art of" book that gets updated with every new chapter.

Check out the first few pages here! To read more, visit our website at

To read more, visit!


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