Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I'm old enough to know that my expectations of the future are unrealistic, but young enough not to care.

Also, why do I constantly think I'm seeing spiders out of the corner of my eye?? I just jumped! At nothing!!

(actually, it was a year ago on the 9th, but... whatever)

Anyway, just wanted to let the 5 people (approximately) who read this blog regularly to know that I haven't forgotten it! Just don't have a proper scanner here at home, but I'll be back to school in a few days and arting like a crazy person.

Oh, the photo? I just like it. My best bud Alle and I were in this little English village. Someone was selling finger puppets for 25p. They were hanging from their front door in a box; you just picked the one you wanted and put the coins through the letterbox in the door.

I've been getting really nostalgic about England lately. It could be an effect of all the British television I've been watching lately, but I feel like that's more of a result of my wistfulness than the other way around. I think part of it is that in March it will have been a year since I was there, and I actually feel something that borders on homesickness, which is weird (I'm prone to homesickness, but usually... you know... for home). There's another class with the same professor that's going back this Spring, and I wish I was going with them. (The class is called 'Mysteries of London', and it undoubtedly involves lots of Victorian texts... Dickens and Doyle, to be sure! GAH!! One of the things I will miss most about college is being able to study literature academically... I mean, I guess I could study it on my own, but it's just not the same. But I digress...*literature nerd*)

Anyway. It's all good... I know that I will be back across the pond soon enough :)

Ah! Thought I saw a spider again! Must be time for bed. More drawings soon!