Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ten and Eleven

There are some people who I just have to draw because I'm pretty sure they're already cartoon characters. David Tennant and Matt Smith are two of those people, and they both happen to play The Doctor! Tennant is tall and thin and angular, with crazy, dramatic eyebrows and expressions; Smith is lanky and clumsy, with a youthful appearance but the air of someone much older... and don't even get me started on the hair! I did a drawing of Matt Smith's Doctor before --it's in the previous post-- but I wasn't happy with it. For someone so cartoonish, it didn't do him justice. So here are my new and improved versions of the tenth and eleventh incarnation of the Doctor from Doctor Who. (Also, I just realized that these two are like... the ultimate hipsters...)
This little project has also gotten me REALLY excited to start my next illustration... it's called the 'Million Things' assignment. I'm going to draw a ton of different characters from TV shows... hehehe. It should be good!


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