Monday, August 22, 2011

Band Camp

I'm at band camp this week, so there will be no art going on... it started on Saturday, and it's been going 9am-9pm ever since... only 2.5 more days... that's what I keep telling myself. Everything hurts... especially my feet and knees. And my hip. And one of my shins. And the muscles behind my knees. And my lower back. And my arms. And the inside of my lip from playing sax.

To keep this post relevant, here's a drawing I did many many moons ago (2007) called 'The Band Camp Tan.' It's four years old and you can definitely tell, but it still remains one of my most popular pieces on deviantART; people really seem to relate to it! I get a lot of comments along the lines of 'OH MY GOD THIS IS SO TRUE'. Anyway. We were outside for rehearsal on Saturday in the hot sun (normally we practice in the Dome, but we couldn't be in there because of the football team. What they were doing on our field, I don't know) and I've got some of this going on:
So yeah. I've especially got the shorts and socks tan, with a little bit of the watch tan, although mine is more of a bracelet tan.

Back to the grind tomorrow... another 12 hour day of marching, setting drill, learning music, and running at a high step from endzone to endzone over and over again (aka the 'fun run'. It is not fun.)

Wish me luck.


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