Friday, December 23, 2011

A Brain, a Superhero, and The Doctor

I got another job from Carolina Crown, this time to design a floor tarp for an indoor drumline. (Basically,  it's a 55x75(ish)ft. tarp that covers the floor of a gymnasium that a drumline or winterguard marches/performs on). They wanted a cyborgish brain with wires coming out it's spine. Where the wires end, they will physically attach some wire props and plug them into prop outlets.

The other night I was watching some online tutorials on brushes in Photoshop by an illustrator who I really like, and I was inspired and eager to do some digital work. And then I happened to watch this really adorable music video called Forever Yours by two of my favorite Youtubers. The guy who wrote the song, Alex Day, is trying to get the song to #1 on iTunes (UK) for Christmas (it's around #4 now... which is pretty epic). I was really, really eager to draw something, so rather impulsively I decided to draw Alex's superhero alter ego from the video.  It's all done digitally and took just a few hours to finish. Normally I draw traditionally and scan the linework in, but it was fun to draw straight onto the computer.

Also, I've recently fallen a little bit in love with the BBC series Doctor Who. I know everyone thinks that David Tennant is the best Doctor, but Matt Smith is my Doctor. Why? Because bow ties are cool. (Nothing against David Tennant, I love him too. His Doctor wears Converse, which puts him on my favorite person list.) I drew this straight into Photoshop with my Wacom tablet. Like the drawing to the right, it was rather impulsive and not very thought out, so I'm a little meh about things like composition and some of the foreshortening. But that's what happens when you don't do sketches! I'm sure I'll get around to finishing this sometime, but I might redraw parts of it first.
Also, I drew a robot:
Happy Holidays!


  1. wow that first thing is crazy- did they pay you!?! They should that must have taken you so long! I think the coloring on the superhero guy looks good- but i think it definitely lacks your awesome line quality and flowiness. Who's the artist whose demo you watched?

  2. Yes I did get paid for that job! woo :D and I can't remember the name of the illustrator whose video I was watching.... if I remember it, I'll let you know lol

  3. Wonder fullll and amzaing. I was to much delighted by the image of brain wires. out of box performance.. my best wishes are there with you..