Friday, December 9, 2011

YouTube Procrastination

Most people watch YouTube to procrastinate. I draw it instead. First, Jenna Marbles, with her dogs Marbles and Kermit.

And Epic Meal Time. Muscles Glasses and the Sauce Boss. Bacon strips.

I also drew charlieissocoollike (Charlie McDonnell) and his pal nerimon (Alex Day), two British Youtubers (I'm pretty sure both are my soulmates), but the likenesses aren't good enough so I might redraw them and put them up later. Or maybe not.

Anyway. I find YouTube really inspiring. It's so awesome that people can start from scratch with a webcam and a great idea, and become super successful off of nothing but their own creativity. They weren't out for money, they were just hoping to make something that they enjoyed and that other people would enjoy too. It also reminds me of the power of the internet, and why I love it so much. The internet has given me so many cool opportunities and so much great exposure for my art, and watching successful YouTubers inspires me to really put my stuff out there- you never know who will see it!



  1. thats awesome!! I remember you telling me about Jenna Marbles because she has the cutest dogs so i watched some of them, and that looks just like her!! love how you did the background, and even put a play bar in there. awesome!

  2. pleeeeease put Charlie and Alex's draws, pleeeeeeease, I'm begging on my knees! I love them and I love your draws, it's the perfect combination! Please, please, pleeeease *puss in boots big eyes face*

    and also, I just created a blog account so I could post this comment

    1. Hahaha, well the next time I get some free time I'll have to redraw Charlie and Alex and post them, because I kind of love them too :)

  3. This is so awesome! Love the two drawings! they're epic =)

  4. Wow you are great you are a big inspiration I wish I could draw like you.