Sunday, January 9, 2011

Junior Year: Fall PartTHREE

And my last installment of stuff I've done up to this point...
I'll start with my Sci Fi illustration. We spent the entire semester on it, and I think it's one of my favorite pieces. Here's the sketch, a few of digital color comps, and finally the finish.

My first idea was to have it be dark and mysterious, with lots of glowing balls of light. Very fantasyish...but the more I tried it, the less it worked, so I abandoned that color scheme for something brighter and more colorful.

I decided to stick with lots of greens, blues, and yellows. It was more promising.

And my final color scheme. To the finish! (Acrylic on Illustration Board)

Next! Just a bunch of in class figure studies and drawings I did for fun.

So, I play Alto Sax in the Syracuse University Marching Band, and I absolutely love it. It keeps me sane a lot of the time. A little over a week ago I was at the Pinstripe Bowl in Yankee Stadium to support the football team with the SUMB, and we WON!! It was fantastic. The next two illustrations are things I did for fun. The first is just a little self-portrait I did, and it's a little influenced by Scott Pilgrim. The next is a drawing I did for our 'Section Shirt'. I do it every year for the altos. It's kind of cool to see how much I improve each year I do it. Plus, it's just good practice doing caricatures of people. I think most of them are pretty good!

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