Friday, January 7, 2011

Sophomore Year- Fall Semester

Here are a bunch of illustrations I did my sophomore year during Fall semester (2 of my professors went on sabbatical during Spring semester, so most of the illustrations I made during that time were horrible. But! I try to look at that time as positively as I can... Because I didn't have a lot of work for my Illustration classes, I was able to really focus on my animation, Chameleon! But we'll talk about that later...

Assignment: "Person Riding an Insect". It was required to be black and white. I had a lot of fun with this one, if you can't tell :) Done entirely in mechanical pencil. (haha)

Assignment: "Silhouette". We had to illustrate something in silhouette, but not a complete silhouette (only black and white; it needed to be in color). This was the second color piece I did as an illustration major, and I think it's alright considering I was just learning, and was VERY inexperienced with color. Done in watercolor.

Assignment: Portrait of a Singer. I picked Maroon 5's Adam Levine. Also, this was my first ever scratchboard piece. I really liked scratchboard. It was super time consuming but a lot of fun.

Assignment: Illustrate a Classic Story. I chose George Orwell's 'Animal Farm'. I loved this assignment, and I think it's one of my best pieces from sophomore year, at least in concept and composition. Done in watercolor.

At the end of the semester, my friend Morgan and I started giving each other assignments of our own. This one was 'A Mischevious Ferret and a Nerdy Koala go to an Amusement Park'. Colored in Photoshop.

My brother went to Costa Rica (for the second time!) over winter break with the Cornell Wind Ensemble. I drew him this picture before he left. Done in Photoshop.

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