Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sophomore Year- Spring Semester

This is some of the work I did during Spring Semester. The two Sophomore Illustration professors were on sabbatical, so... yeah.

Assignment: Illustrate a Map. It could be of anything, so I thought I would make a SUPER ADORABLE Solar System. Done in ink and marker.

Assignment: Repeating Pattern. Fishies! Colored in Photoshop.

Assignment: Still life that tells a story. I was really inspired by Mad Men. This was the first assignment for my Corel Painter class. I thought it turned out alright considering this was my first attempt to paint with Corel.

We had to come up with something unique that we could give a potential employer (like a business card, but more interesting). I decided to make a crayon box! When I was done with the illustration I printed it out and glued it onto a crayon box, and it actually looked pretty good!

"The Snow Queen". This illustration is an example of my frustrations of my Sophomore Spring semester. While the instructor we were given was wonderful at teaching figure drawing, he couldn't handle a sophomore class, and there was no structure or instruction. There were no parameters and no instruction or help given along the way for this assignment (I decided to do an illustration of a fairy tale because he gave us nothing to go on). This piece could have been much better if someone had helped me through the process. Super frustrating. Done in oils.

Assignment: Game Cover Redesign. I picked Portal! Done in Corel Painter.

Another assignment with no guidance whatsoever.

We had to illustrate a chase scene. I really liked this one! I would love to do storyboards, so this was a lot of fun.

This was something I did for fun over the summer. I was feeling totally burned out and uninspired after such a disappointing semester, and this was just fun. Top Gear is one of my favorite TV shows. It's basically three middle-aged British men falling over and catching fire. I also think it's one of the best made, most entertaining shows on television.

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