Sunday, January 9, 2011

Junior Year: Fall PartTWO

Some assignments and sketches for John's class.

Person wearing a hat. I chose to draw my friend Morgan wearing a pirate hat and embracing her inner 'Captain'. Photo ref, sketch, color comp, and finish.

Next is the 'Occupation' assignment. I picked a cowboy, because I wanted to draw a horse (big surprise there). Sketch, color comp, finish.

Next is 'Two People Interacting'. I decided to go with 'Awkward couple on first date get stuck under umbrella together during a rainstorm'... that's a trope, right?? Anyway, a lot of this was cut out/collage. I decided to experiment a little with it.

Our final assignment was 'Inside/Outside'. I chose to do a little girl looking into a fish tank! The photo doesn't do the colors justice (for this one or for the ones up above). It's much darker and flatter. I tried to tweak it a little on Photoshop to make it look more like the original.

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