Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mooore Sketches

So here's a more finished sketch of the illustration I was working on the other day. I've made the girl younger and she no longer has her bow and arrows. I was thinking that this is more like that girl's origin story; like, this is how the girl with the bow begins her journey... Maybe her village is attacked and burned down by a dragon, and her parents stick her on a horse and send her away... Actually, that just made me think, maybe I'll add a glimpse of a burning village in the background.. I'll have to try adding it and see if it works.

And here's a color comp/work in progress. I want to try to give this a watercolory look in Photoshop, so I'm gonna be experimenting with textures/brushes 'n stuff. Wish me luck. More color comps to come, fo sho:

And here are some sketches I did for the 'animal doing something human' assignment that I didn't post before:

And here's a girl in a dress that I drew in my Moleskine:

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