Monday, September 19, 2011

Sketchy Comps

Here are some really sketchy, scribbly color comps of our promotional business card assignment. This is just me getting a feel for the piece and the color scheme I need.
Here's the lineart for the horse and girl. (Still quite sketchy/unfinished.)

Sunsetish time. I used a filter on Photoshop to simplify it even more.

 Then I changed it to night, and liked that better.

 Then I added fire! Because the blues needed some orange, and dragons = fire!

Toned it down a bit... the blues were a little too blue.

Then I upped the saturation and contrast a teeny bit.

So that's just me playing around. They need A LOT more work, but I'm tired and done for tonight. I leave you with a drawing I did in my Moleskine of a sci fi girl... with anger!!

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