Saturday, June 23, 2012


Today is Joss Whedon's birthday!

Anyone who knows me or this blog is aware of my love for Joss and his work. I've seen every episode of every show he's done. His knack for story and words and characters constantly astounds me, and he is my number one source of creative inspiration (more than any illustrator or visual artist). So naturally, I've drawn a decent amount of Whedony fan art over the years!

Joss has had a hell of a year. Now that The Avengers has come out, he's kind of... you know, famous, and it's strange that now lots of people are familiar with him. Part of me is bummed that he's so popular now, but most of me is super excited because hopefully now he can make whatever he wants!



  1. Happy birthday Joss Whedon! I've been a big fan of his for years, and I'm glad he's getting famous now. Hopefully that means more shows and movies!

  2. Fantastic portrait, Anna! Love it...and, of course, Joss!

  3. love the new line-less art- seems we both jumped on that bandwagon. lol

    1. Haha it's fun! Though I don't know how much I'm gonna be using it, I just thought I should try it because it seems to be very much in demand right now

  4. Please make more buffy :( I have nothing to do anymore