Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oh hey lady

I drew this a few days ago as a warm up sketch and kind of forgot about it until now. While browsing the internet the other night I stumbled across an image of a female Loki, and found out that it's something that actually happens in the comic book... because I guess Loki can take whatever form he wants. I was curious, so I googled Lady Loki and was immediately like... ugghhh. One of the things that bothers me about many comic books is the way that women are portrayed, especially in terms of their bodies and costumes. So naturally, I wanted to redesign the costume. Using the basic elements of the original, I came up with this. I just love the general concept of Loki's getup... those freaking horns.

Oh, and since Disney now owns Marvel, does that make Loki a Disney princess?

And completely unrelated, here are two characters I drew for a commission:


  1. Lady Loki is just awesome! You are very very talented! **

  2. I agree your point how comics and others usually draws female characters. It's really annoying me sometimes, but some characters are okay with those designs but that doesn't mean EVERY female character needs to draw like that.
    Your version of Lady Loki is just good one! I hope you are okay with that if I make a cosplay using this picture to reference since the original look is little bit too "lady" for me -w-"

  3. Hi there! I know this is a very old post but if it's okay with you I'd like to cosplay this version of Lady Loki! (I saw somebody asked for permission before me and thought I should do the same!) I will make sure to give proper credit for the design if I post pictures online! This is one of my favourite designs of Lady Loki and (since I personally am a little bit self conscious) seeing the other rather revealing designs makes me nervous to cosplay as her. If I can get your permission to cosplay as this design that would be fantastic! Thank you!