Sunday, June 17, 2012

NY Phil

So I had an impromptu trip to the city on Thursday to visit my brother. On Friday we had awesome seats to a NY Phil concert (student tickets ftw!). They played this awesome violin concerto by Erich Korngold (if you aren't familiar with Korngold you should check him out, particularly his score to 'The Sea Hawk', which might be the best thing ever), and the violinist was kind of ridiculously amazing. But the funny thing was that if you saw him on the street you would never think he was a classical violinist-- he looked more like he might be in a rock band, or like someone who might come to fix your computer. I love when people look differently than you expect them to.


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  1. I love this guy! And since I was just at the Milwaukee Symphony myself, I've been in an orchestral mood lately. Feel free to post the occasional random portrait like this--so fun seeing the world captured Anna-style!