Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tumblr Addiction

Tumblr is addictive. I've found that the most addictive part is checking the number of notes on an illustration after I've uploaded it. When something takes off, it can snowball like crazy and you can wrack up thousands of notes in a few hours. So the past few days I've found myself illustrating images that are specially designed for tumblr and the fandoms. And here's one of them:

It will only make sense if you've seen The Avengers, and even then it may not. Anyway, I enjoy tumblring, and while sometimes I feel guilty drawing fanart (as if I should be drawing original art instead), I have to remind myself that fanart shows off my work to the largest number of people, and is more responsible than anything else for getting me commissions. So the fanart wont be stopping anytime soon! (Oh, and it's also the most fun to draw...)



  1. I haven't seen it yet but love this anyway! And you're absolutely right about the "advertising." If your TV characters cocktail party hadn't gone viral, I wouldn't have my prized Anna Rettberg Aggie's Nine Heroes hanging on the entry wall! Which also tells you how OTHERS benefit from the exposure to your work as much as you do...bring those fans some joy!