Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving break, yo!

Long time no update! Jeez. I really need to post something. I just had Thanksgiving break, which was greatly needed. Now I'm feeling re-energized creatively and am ready for these last couple of weeks! I've got some sketches that I haven't scanned in yet... I'll put them up once they're a little farther along. For now, here's an adorable puppy that I did for a commission:

And here are some spot illustrations that I did for Roger.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lots o' Stuff

So I've done a bunch of random stuff for a bunch of random things the past week or so... so here we go! First is an assignment we did for Roger. We had to design a product. I basically just created a design that could be put on a variety of different products:

Ponies! Then I turned it into something that could be put around the wall of a child's room (or something):

And then more Crown stuff! I did the guard. I'm pretty happy with them.

Annnd then there's the alto stuff. I'm play alto sax the Syracuse University Marching Band, and every year I've drawn the section for the back of the t-shirts we have made up every year. This year the front of the shirt is based on Party Rock Anthem, which has been our section song this year. And we be shufflin'.
(It's based on this:)
And here's the drawing:
Huzzah! I'm going to miss band so much.... So many great memories with some really great, hilarious people. I laugh so much with the altos. 

Next are some figure 30 minute/15 minute figure drawings we did in Jerome's class:

Anyway, that's a taste of what I did this week. I'm starting to get so burnt out! Thankfully we have break next week-- I really need it.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Artemis and Slugbunny

Here's my finished Artemis piece. I'm still not 100% on the composition, and I would've loved to have another week to work on it, but alas...

Also, check out slugbunny. My friend Erin was making a maquette in class and gave me a piece of Sculpey to play with... and slugbunny happened. I'd love to do a whole bunch of these guys; little weird animal hybrid monsters.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Promotional Video

For James's class we had to make a video portfolio... So yeah. Here's what I did for that. Yay!


Starbuck and 6

I just finished watching Battlestar Galactica. I REALLY want to draw the characters, like I did with Firefly... in fact, I'd love to do a series of them from all sorts of shows. I love doing cartoony caricatures... it's pretty much my happy place. I've been so swamped with work lately that I haven't had any time to draw anything for fun, but after I watched the BSG finale I was so eager to draw the characters that I just had to do it. So I drew two of them: Starbuck and Number 6.
Hopefully there will be more to come soon. Drawing these things... it's seriously like crack to me.