Friday, October 30, 2020

Meow the Infinite: Book One

I figured I should let anymore stumbling across this blog know that the softcover edition of my graphic novel is now available for purchase! We offer US domestic and international shipping. 

You can order a copy at:

Meow the Infinite: Book One is the first half of our all-ages science fiction story about a girl named Valorie (who happens to be a Princess) and her best friend (a cat named Meow). Together they explore a universe full of fun worlds and characters, but their adventure has to be put on hold when a tear in the fabric of their universe threatens to destroy everything they've ever known.


Thursday, April 9, 2020

Coming soon...

Since the coronavirus pandemic has cancelled all comic cons for the foreseeable future, including VanCAF (where we were going to be selling books of Meow for the first time), we've decided to launch a Kickstarter for the print edition of Meow the Infinite: Book One! You can CLICK HERE to see our preview page and get notified when the Kickstarter launches!