Sunday, January 9, 2011

Junior Year: Fall PartONE

Here's some work I did for Yvonne's class.

"Digital Self-Portrait"

We had to make an animal look like a letter of the alphabet... Our class ran out of letters, so I got an exclamation point. !!!!


"Love in New York"

"Crash" (and digital color comp)

"Cinderella: Part 1"- we had to take the Cinderella story and put it in a completely different time period/culture. I picked America in the 1920s.

"Cinderella: Part 2"

Our final assignment was to make a comic/children's book spread of a Japanese fairy tale about a fisherman named Urashima who rescues a turtle who ends up being the Princess of some underwater Kingdom. I'd been doing a lot of children's book type of work, so I thought a comic might be fun. The dialogue is kinda silly, but for me this was just a chance to experiment with digital coloring. All coloring done in Photoshop.

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