Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Here's the next in my London series:

And last night I REALLY didn't want to do my homework, so I decided to procrastinate by drawing some of the characters from Sherlock. (At least my procrastination is productive... right?) Colored version will be up soon, I'm sure.

AAAAAND this is an update to this post, but it just fit here. I did another procrastination drawing, but this time it was a reward for being so productive today! This is something I've been wanting to draw for a while, but every time I would start it I would get discouraged because it just wasn't working. But some days are magic drawing days-- where everything comes out just right-- and today was one of them. I'm really happy with this... the Tenth Doctor and Rose! <3



  1. Looks brilliant. I love your version of Martin Freeman. :)

  2. I love the colors again!! That green is awesome for him. You did a really good job with the structures! I bet you learned alot while doing it! Roger will be pleased.

    1. Haha I did learn a lot! Now on to the much more intimidating buildings in the next illustration... Oh God