Friday, August 31, 2012


I've been super blah the past few days... kinda ever since I got back from NYC on Monday. On Saturday I went to the Doctor Who season 7 premiere at the Ziegfeld theater, which was just gangbusters. It was hosted by Chris Hardwick (of the Nerdist podcast, which I listen to pretty much every time I draw for extended periods of time), and Matt Smith and Karen Gillan were there... it was super surreal. Here's a photo I took from that:

Anyway, I think it's just taking me a little while to decompress after such an exciting weekend in the city. So to prove I haven't stopped drawing (despite my blue-ness), here's a souffle girl and some sketchbook Avengers babies... (don't ask).
(And then I colored a little:)


  1. too cute! I love the thor baby. Next time you are in NYC and don't call though I'm gunna be sad!! Let me know next time you're here!! :)