Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Court of Owls

I've been making my way through a bunch of DC Comics New 52 titles (if you can't tell by all the superhero fan art lately), and I finally got to Batman. Hoooly crap, it's great. Greg Capullo's art is mind-blowing, and there was some particularly great stuff in the scene I doodled below-- in which Bruce Wayne is attacked by assassins in his home and has to fight them in his PJs. The way Capullo draws hands and feet gives me art chills. You can tell that he is influenced by animation (he says that Chuck Jones is one of his biggest influences)... his figures have such a great sense of weight, movement, and expression. I've noticed that sometimes in superhero comics the figures can feel a bit stiff, most likely because they've been overworked, but Capullo's art is fluid and loose. Anyway. I've been super busy with a couple freelance projects, and have had barely any time to draw for myself. Mostly I start sketching for fun around 7pm and stay up way too late to finish it. As is the case with this.


  1. Beautiful. I love your work so much. :)

  2. You've really caught that feeling of violence frozen in a moment. It's almost as though you could click your fingers, and Bruce Wayne would continue moving. Fantastic. And the owl faced couple are rather creepy.