Friday, December 6, 2013

Wonder Woman

Fan art Friday! Wonder Woman seems to be the cool thing to draw right now. She's going to be in the upcoming Superman/Batman movie, and the actress who's going to play her was just announced.



  1. You're so darned good at this. I like the way that WW's face has character--she's not just some generic cutie. You draw women so beautifully. They're attractive but individualised; real people rather than blow-up dolls.

    Did you see the DOCTOR WHO 50TH Anniversary show? Did you enjoy it? I'm looking forward to the Xmas special, although I'll be sad to see Matt Smith go.

    You have such a light, charming style that I'd be fascinated to see you illustrate something really scary. It would be such a wonderful juxtapostion. I hope that someday someone commissions you to provide the pictures for something like THE GHOST STORIES OF M. R. JAMES. I'd certainly buy it!

    1. Thank you so much!! That's nice of you to say.

      I did see the Doctor Who 50th. I thought it was a really fun episode... it's hard to go wrong with those three Doctors together. I'll be sad to see Matt Smith go, too... but I'm actually really excited to see how he goes.

      And I should draw more scary stuff... it would be fun.